Sunday, 21 October 2012


I haven't posted any RE blogs onto here for a very long time, so I quickly wanted to write an update.

When I do write about RE now, it is usually here: - I'll post links to posts I write on that website here whenever I do them. 

I'm currently in year 13, having just sent my UCAS application off. A lot of people have been enquiring as to whether I still want to be an RE teacher - the answer is definitely yes!

I'm hoping to start studying for my degree in September of 2013, followed by a PGCE in Religious Education. I was able to have a successful year with my AS Levels, so hopefully won't have a lot of trouble getting onto my desired course - fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, if there are any ideas or anything that you think would be good to have a student's perspective on, I'd be more than happy to read and consider them in the comments section, or sent directly to my RE-mail address: 

I'm unable to really think of any ideas at present!

Hope everyone's academic year started out well!

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